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Representing Divorcing People In The Property Division Process

In the context of divorce, your financial future begins with your property division plan. You need an attorney who can help you find creative solutions in a high-asset divorce case. At the law offices of Smith Jain Stutzman, we can help you with all aspects of property division in your divorce, from the division of marital assets to marital debt. Our goal is to make sure you have the resources necessary for a fresh start.

Providing The Property Division Information You Need

Nevada is a community property state, which means all assets are divided equitably in a divorce. In most cases, the courts will divide marital assets and debts equally. However, certain financial misconduct, such as fraud or failure to fully disclose financial information, can change the division of assets.

Although financial misconduct can alter your settlement, property division is not affected by good or bad acts unless those acts affected finances. For example, money spent on affairs and gambling may have reduced assets, and may be considered as community waste by the courts.

It can be unclear as to what behavior will alter a marital property settlement. It can also be unclear as to how complex property, such as retirement benefits, will be divided. We are prepared to answer any questions you may have about community property in your Nevada divorce.

Business Valuation In Property Division

Business valuations are a significant factor in property division for many professionals. We understand the leading issues and methods used to assign value. We also know the leading experts in the area who can help you create a fair plan.

Working with forensic accountants, we will obtain fair and accurate information about the business in question. We will explore all options to protect the future of the business, while making sure it is fairly considered as an asset in the division of your marital property. Attorney Smith has handled these complex issues for years, and regularly lectures at family law seminars on the valuation of businesses.

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From asset protection to business valuation, we will give you astute and honest answers about property division in your divorce and make sure you have the resources you need to protect your financial future. With offices in Henderson, our lawyers represent clients throughout the greater Las Vegas area. Contact us today for more information.