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Walking You Through The Post-Divorce Modifications Process

Your divorce settlement is designed to reflect your life at the time of your divorce. As your children grow and your circumstances change, an experienced family lawyer can help you obtain post-divorce modifications that reflect your life today. At the law offices of Smith Jain Stutzman, our attorneys and staff emphasize open communication. It is our goal to provide honest and straightforward answers to your questions. We will make sure you know what to expect when seeking modifications.

Which Courts Handle Modifications?

Nevada courts have continuing jurisdiction over child custody and support. They understand that a significant change in circumstances may require changes in your custody or support plan. While you can modify a child support plan without modifying child custody, if you obtain a post-divorce modification to your child custody plan, it will likely affect your child support plan as well. We can help you seek modifications to the following plans:

Limited property division modifications may also be available, but they must be addressed soon after your divorce. There is a limited window of opportunity for post-divorce property division modifications, and if you wait too long, you may miss your chance. Such limitations, however, do not apply to property or debt not addressed in a divorce decree.

Enforcement And Contempt

We also handle matters of enforcement and contempt. In some cases, it is necessary to enforce court orders in order to obtain alimony, child support, or visitation rights. If your former spouse continues to ignore court orders, he or she could be held in contempt, resulting in fines or even jail.

Contact Us About Your Modification Needs

No divorce settlement is going to provide a perfect solution forever. As your life changes, your plan can change to better suit the needs of your family. And if you have a solid plan that is not being honored by your former spouse, there are legal ways to take action. From our Henderson law offices, we represent clients throughout the Las Vegas area. Contact us today for more information.