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Maintaining A Child’s Lifestyle After Divorce

Do you know what to expect from your child support plan? It is important that your children have everything they presently need, but also that their financial future is protected. The right family law lawyer can help you strike that balance. At the law offices of Smith Jain Stutzman, we will educate you regarding the calculation of financial support of your child(ren).

Helping You Understand Nevada Child Support Guidelines

Whether you are going through a divorce or you have recently resolved a paternity dispute, all child support determinations are based on a formula set by Nevada statute. The child support formula is applied to data from financial disclosure forms filled out by both parents. Nevada courts, however, can vary from the child support formula, and many factors may provide the grounds for such a variance.

  • In cases where there is joint custody, support plans are based on comparative income. There is a separate plan used to determine support payment for parents with almost equal parenting time. In these cases, the parent with the larger income will pay the support. In all cases, it is possible to deviate from the state’s guidelines, but only under certain circumstances.
  • In order to come up with a fair child support plan, you must have an accurate picture of the financial situations of both parties. There are methods to allow discovery when there is a question about disclosure. There is also a new law in Nevada which can penalize a party for failure to include property on financial disclosure forms. We will aggressively and thoroughly examine both parties financial representation to ensure they are accurate.

Contact Us About Your Child’s Financial Needs

Your child support plan is an important part of your children’s financial future and maintaining their current lifestyle. We will provide you with honest answers, astute guidance, and the resources necessary to create a plan that provides for your children and protects your parental rights. Contact an attorney at our Las Vegas law offices today for more information.