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Regardless of your unique circumstances, you want to do what is best for you and your children. If either party intends to move out of the state of Nevada that parent will have to get special permission to do so. If either parent requests to move with the children, an experienced family lawyer can help you with this possible transition. At the law offices of Smith Jain Stutzman, we help clients with relocation concerns before or after a divorce, or as part of any paternity case. With your children greatly impacted by this concern, we will do all we can so that they are not harmed in any way by the outcome.

How Is Relocation Handled When Custody Is An Issue?

Many people involved in a divorce or child custody dispute may be interested in moving to another state. If a parent plans on moving and taking their children with them, they must receive permission from their co-parent or a court order.

In order to relocate with children, a parent must first have primary physical custody. If a relocation is truly in the best interests of your child, you may be able to obtain a child custody modification allowing your parental relocation. Receiving primary physical custody, however, is only the first step. A relocating parent must meet the following two criteria before being granted approval:

  • Good faith reason for the move
  • Reasonable alternative visitation for noncustodial parent

The process of relocation may involve a trial on the issue. You need an experienced family lawyer to represent your interests at such a trial.

We represent both parents who are moving and parents who would like to prevent the relocation of their children. Putting an emphasis on communication from the start, we will make sure you understand what is happening throughout the parental relocation process.

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Whether you are interested in relocation or trying to protect your current visitation plan, we want to help you do what is best for your children. We will provide you with honest, straightforward answers as we work together to find a solution. From our Henderson law offices, our attorneys represent clients throughout the greater Las Vegas area. Contact us today for more information.