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When A Postnuptial Agreement Is On Target

Marriage is a monumental turning point for a couple but it does not alter the one constant in life: change. Your respective careers and personal goals may continue to evolve in different directions even as you pursue a future together. For any of a number of reasons, the two of you may decide to explore the possibility of a postnuptial agreement.

You may have hit a rocky patch in your relationship.

  • Your financial lives may be increasingly divergent, but you are not ready for a legal separation and divorce is not under discussion.
  • You may have separated or considered separating and now, while working on reconciling, you seek to convert joint assets into separate portfolio.

Your financial portfolios may have gone through significant changes and clarification is needed.

  • One or both spouses may have been appointed to lucrative positions as executives or other high-earning professionals.
  • One or both of you may have started a business or be about to open a professional practice. You and your business partners may have agreed to protect the business from potential divorce complications.
  • One of you may have received an inheritance and you now wish to ensure that all assets associated with these funds will be inheritable only by children from a previous relationship.

These are hypothetical scenarios, but your motives for seeking advice about a postnuptial agreement are no doubt unique to your circumstances. At Smith Jain Stutzman, we can help you create, review or revise a postnuptial agreement that will honor your priorities, protect the interests of children from previous relationships or other extended family relationships, and protect your and your spouse’s respective futures.

Put Knowledge And Experience In Your Corner

A postnuptial agreement (postnup) can ensure that you agree about what would happen in case of a divorce or other potential life changes ahead. We can help you coordinate your postnuptial marital property realignment with your long-range financial planning and estate plan.

Our family law attorneys have a great deal of experience advising high-asset couples as they revise premarital contracts or anticipate divorce. Clients with asset portfolios ranging from $500,000 to more than $100 million rely on our proven skills advising on complex marital assets.

Let Us Help You Map Out Your Postnup Strategy

If a postnuptial agreement will meet your needs, we are ready to help you negotiate and formalize an effective contract. Call our law office at 702-583-6867 or inquire by email to request a consultation with an attorney.