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Answering Questions About Marriage Annulment

Divorce can be a difficult, contentious process. If you rushed into a marriage and now you want to reverse the legal process without having to go through a divorce, an experienced lawyer can help you obtain an annulment. At the Las Vegas law offices of Smith Jain Stutzman, we emphasize open and straightforward communication with our clients regarding their rights and options. We will make sure you understand what is necessary to obtain an annulment.

When Is A Marriage Annulment Possible?

An annulment is possible when two parties entered into a marriage, but did not have sufficient capacity to get married, or were misled into the marriage. An annulment literally nullifies the marriage, so as far as the state of Nevada is concerned, it never happened.

The typical issues involved in a divorce are not relevant in an annulment, because if an annulment is granted, it is as if the marriage never existed. However, the longer your marriage lasts, the more difficult it is to get an annulment. Taking immediate action is important.

We will investigate the circumstances of your marriage and help you take the necessary action to reverse your marriage. If you are no longer eligible for an annulment, we will guide you through the divorce process, and work with your spouse to develop a simple arrangement that puts you both back where you started.

Contact Us If You Want To Discuss Annulment

With over twenty years of experience handling family law cases in Nevada courts, we understand that people make mistakes. There is nothing wrong with obtaining an annulment, and in most cases, it works better for both parties. However, you must act quickly or you could miss your chance. Contact an annulment attorney today to find out if you are eligible for a Nevada annulment.