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While marriage may not be available to all couples, the same benefits can be secured through a domestic partnership. There are some extra steps involved, but with an experienced attorney at your side, you can protect your family’s future. At the Las Vegas law offices of Smith Jain Stutzman, our sophisticated Las Vegas domestic partnerships lawyers help all varieties of families protect their rights through domestic partnerships.

How Are Domestic Partnerships Handled In Nevada?

Domestic partnerships are available under Nevada law and are an important resource for many families. While they function differently in every state, in Nevada, a domestic partnership is equivalent of granting the legal rights typical of marriage, including community property, the right to support, parental rights, and the right to make medical decisions for your partner.

As the rights of marriage are not given to same-sex couples in Nevada, the best way to secure similar rights is through a domestic partnership. They are also available for heterosexual couples who do not wish to pursue marriage for whatever reason, but want to protect each parent’s rights.

Our goal is to help families obtain the resources they need to protect the people they love and plan for their future. We help LGBT couples obtain the protection they deserve under the law. While a domestic partnership may not be the ideal tool, we know how to use it to the advantage of same-sex couples in Nevada.

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Putting an emphasis on communication, we will give you honest answers as to your rights and options when it comes to developing a domestic partnership agreement. Our skilled Henderson family law attorneys have been helping LGBT and other nontraditional families with these concerns for over four decades, and we are ready to help you, too. Contact us today for more information.