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Handling Domestic Violence Matters In Las Vegas

Incidents and accusations of domestic violence affect Nevada families every day. The first step in any case is to make sure your loved ones are safe. However, false allegations of domestic assault also ruin lives and put families at risk. At the Las Vegas law offices of Smith Jain Stutzman, we help families resolve these complex issues and protect the people they love. Our Las Vegas domestic violence lawyers will evaluate the circumstances of your case and help you determine how to proceed. In some cases, we will take immediate action to obtain a temporary protective order (TPO).

Nevada’s Domestic Violence And Abuse Laws

Nevada has very strong laws protecting the victims of spousal abuse, domestic assault, and other family violence. Nevada laws also provide a forum for unjustly accused people. An experienced family lawyer can help you take advantage of Nevada’s system and get the protection you deserve, whether you have been the victim of domestic violence or the victim of false accusations and manipulation of the system.

  • Under Nevada law, domestic violence is not limited to assault or striking a person. It can also refer to the damage of property, restricting movements, harassment, or even threats. You can obtain a temporary restraining order or temporary protective order after an incident of domestic violence or after threats and other similar situations. If you file for a TPO, you will receive a court review within 48 hours to determine if a more permanent option should be considered.
  • Domestic violence issues will also have a major impact on other family law matters. It is an important factor used by the courts in the determination of child custody. For this reason, wrongful accusations are often used as a weapon in divorce proceedings. Our goal is to help you do what is right for your family.

In addition to our work for clients throughout the greater Las Vegas area, our firm does volunteer work for battered individuals at Safe Nest. We have seen the very real consequences of domestic violence, and we treat these matters with the gravity they deserve.

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Whatever concerns you have regarding domestic violence, we are ready to help you act quickly in order to protect your family and protect your rights. Our skilled Henderson domestic assault attorneys will give you honest and straightforward answers to make sure that you are prepared for any challenges that come next. From our Henderson offices, we represent families throughout Nevada and Las Vegas. Contact us today to get the help you deserve.