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Handling The Jurisdictional Issues Of Divorce In Nevada

Nevada laws governing the divorce process are complex, but an experienced and sophisticated lawyer will make sure your rights are protected while keeping the process as simple as possible. At the Las Vegas area law offices of Smith Jain Stutzman, we will do everything we can to keep the divorce process simple and your options open.

What Affects The Jurisdiction Of A Divorce?

There are a number of jurisdictional issues that could arise to prevent you from obtaining a divorce in Nevada. These laws were aimed at making quick divorces a thing of the past. Before your divorce is granted, you must demonstrate:

  • Nevada residence for six weeks prior to your divorce
  • Intention to remain in Nevada

Jurisdictional issues have also affected particular aspects of the divorce settlement process. Most notably, there are significant issues regarding child custody jurisdiction. For example, there cannot be concurrent litigation involving a child in another state. In order to take a child custody dispute to court, your child must have resided in Nevada for six months or have their most significant contacts in Nevada.

Most child custody jurisdictional issues involve the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) and the Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act. We understand that jurisdictional issues are complex and we will navigate those issues for you. We will be there for you throughout the process to answer your questions and protect your rights.

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