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Equitable division of property becomes even more difficult when a family-owned business is part of the marital assets. It is crucial to obtain an accurate assessment of the business’s value, and equally important to consider how the value can be distributed between divorcing spouses without resorting to selling the business and dividing the profit.

The goal of the Las Vegas business valuation lawyers at Smith Jain Stutzman, is to reach an accurate valuation of your family business and a savvy division of property that ensures the business will not fail because of the divorce. Representing individuals throughout the Las Vegas area, we offer astute guidance, open communication and aggressive representation.

Confidently Handling Complex Divorce Issues

The attorneys at Smith Jain Stutzman, have 40-plus years of combined experience assisting divorcing clients in the valuation and division of family-owned business. We consistently use a reliable and accurate business valuation calculator, in addition to working with experts and industry specialists to ensure proper valuation of:

  • A family owned business’s overall worth and profits
  • Specific business asset evaluation, including consideration of trade secrets, patents and copyright ownership, as well as real estate and other property
  • Lost sales and profit
  • Revenue projection

The primary concern of business valuation in the divorce context is to understand the financial value of the business as a marital asset. An actual division of a family-owned business is often impractical. Such a division would usually entail selling the business and dividing the profit of the sale, therefore ending potential future revenue.

We have the necessary resources, knowledge and relationships with industry experts to help you achieve successful resolution of this difficult, often highly contested, component of marital property division. We focus on creative asset division to allow the family-owned business to survive the divorce and possibly provide future revenue streams to both parties. In a similar vein, we are also able to offer guidance in the division of a professional practice.

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Proper business valuation and strategic division requires the assistance of sophisticated and experienced attorneys who will make sure that your rights to a family-owned business are protected, while also protecting the business you have worked so hard to build and grow. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation; we serve clients throughout the Las Vegas area.