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We brought the firm of Smith Jain Stutzman a difficult parental termination case. Radford was regularly attentive to our needs. They were accessible, compassionate, and honest. It was clear throughout the process that this firm has a deep knowledge of family law. They worked collectively to execute a systematic, logical approach which led to a successful outcome. Radford attempted to reach a settlement with the defendant in an effort to save us time and money. When that route proved unattainable, they provided quick responses to the court in order to meet deadlines, prepared us thoroughly for trial testimony and cross-examination, and presented a well-organized case that was impossible to refute. Our family is extremely grateful for their commitment. We could not have received better legal representation and we highly recommend Radford and the entire firm without hesitation.


Exceptional Legal Acumen Appropriately Balanced With Genuine Compassion

I was fortunate to have Smith Jain Stutzman help me navigate through an extremely contentious divorce. His skillfulness as a family lawyer was obvious as he distilled the legal matters from the emotion and developed strong legal arguments in support of my position. His legal acumen was balanced with the appropriate level of compassion…

Julie A.

Best Attorney In Nevada

This was a complicated post divorce case. After more than ten years of post divorce litigation and numerous attorneys Mr. Smith was the only attorney that was able to resolve the complex issues in my case. He is professional, caring, and focused. He is very knowledgeable with the law as well as with the court process…


Great Professional

He is a great professional. He helped my case in a very difficult and prolonged divorce. If I had to go through this again I would not hesitate and contact him again. (Hopefully I will not need to do this). I would strongly recommend him and his office.


One Of The Best In Las Vegas

I have had Mr Smith Represent me on several cases. My divorce, Child custody, and Child support cases. He is very smart and tuned in to the court system. Mr Smith and his staff are always on top of everything and respond quickly. There is always someone to help and have answers.


A True Professional

I hired Smith Jain Stutzman to handle my divorce after a long-term marriage. If it hadn’t been for Radford’s keen knowledge and professional conduct I wouldn’t have fared as well as I did. He explained everything in an understandable way, made appropriate suggestions when necessary, and conducted himself as an honorable man…