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How divorced/separated parents can negotiate visitation for their children

On Behalf of | May 13, 2024 | Child Custody |

When parents decide to go their separate ways, one of the most critical aspects to consider is how they will handle visitation with their children. Crafting a visitation plan that prioritizes the well-being of the children involves open communication, flexibility and a focus on the children’s needs above all else.

However, creating an ideal plan that checks all the boxes is easier said than done. There are a few strategies and considerations to keep in mind that may help facilitate the process.

Establishing a communication channel

The cornerstone of successful visitation negotiations is establishing a clear and open line of communication between both parents. This can involve regular check-ins via phone calls, emails or text messages to discuss visitation schedules, upcoming events and any changes that may arise.

Creating a flexible schedule

Flexibility is key when it comes to crafting a visitation schedule that works for everyone involved. Both parents should be willing to accommodate each other’s schedules as much as possible. Take into account work commitments, extracurricular activities and other obligations. Being open to adjustments and compromises can help alleviate tension and create a more harmonious co-parenting relationship.

Prioritizing the children’s needs

When negotiating visitation arrangements, keep the focus on what is best for the children. This means considering factors such as the child’s age, school schedule and individual preferences when determining visitation schedules. Parents should strive to create a stable and nurturing environment for their children, even if it means making personal sacrifices.

Seeking mediation if needed

In some cases, parents may find it challenging to reach an agreement on visitation arrangements independently. In such instances, seeking the assistance of a neutral third party, such as a mediator, can be beneficial. Mediators can help facilitate productive discussions, clarify misunderstandings and guide parents toward mutually acceptable solutions that prioritize the children’s well-being.

Parents in Clark County have access to child custody resources provided by the local government that can help with building a workable visitation schedule. Using the resources at your disposal and being open to amicable negotiation will help ensure a favorable outcome for your family.


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