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Prenups: A pragmatic solution worth considering

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2022 | Premarital Agreements |

People often shy away from the topic of prenuptial or premarital agreements because they can seem unromantic, unnecessary and even a little threatening. However, overlooking or deciding against one for these reasons can be an emotional response to a situation demanding a pragmatic one – and a mistake you might later regret.

Prenups by the numbers

Before making any assumptions about your situation and whether you can benefit from a premarital agreement, it may help to look at statistics and trends to see what they show.

For instance, research and surveys on prenuptial agreements have revealed:

  • Nearly 44 percent of single people think having a prenup is wise
  • 15 percent of people who divorce wish they would have had a prenup
  • The number of people seeking prenups is consistently increasing
  • More women are asking for prenups than ever before
  • Couples who keep finances separate are two times more likely to face marital problems, including divorce
  • Three of the most common reasons for getting a prenup are to protect individual assets, address alimony and divide property

These numbers can be quite telling and show that prenups are generally becoming less stigmatized, which is indeed a good thing. We are getting further away from the belief that these contracts are only for wealthy couples and people who have less faith in their marriage. 

Increasingly, people are learning that prenups can provide concrete protection for parties who divorce, and they can provide clear answers to complicated questions.

Confronting the emotional aspects

Despite the logical aspects and benefits of premarital agreements, there is undoubtedly an emotional element. After all, they require parties to address and resolve stressful, painful situations that may not even arise. 

Instead of allowing emotional challenges to overpower the practical benefits of creating a prenup, it can help to look at a prenup like a safety net. It may not stop something bad from happening, but it provides vital protection when people need it most.


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