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Tips for protecting your privacy during your divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2022 | Divorce |

Divorce is a topic that can draw a lot of interest from people who have no direct connection to the parties involved. And curiosity can be exceptionally high in divorces involving high-profile, famous or affluent parties. Thankfully, there are ways to protect your privacy during this process.

Secure your home

One troubling trend that seems to be getting more common is for people to spy on or surveil parties involved in a divorce. Exes, family members and others might resort to underhanded or even illegal means of getting information on someone.

Some of the ways you can protect against these efforts can include:

  • Changing your passwords and phone number
  • Installing security systems in and around your homes 
  • Checking personal vehicles for tracking devices
  • Running programs to detect spyware on your personal computers, phones and tablets

These measures can prevent others from spying on you during an especially vulnerable time.

Stay out of the courtroom

One of the most effective ways to keep details of your divorce out of the public eye is to avoid litigation, which creates a public record. 

Instead, parties can commit to an alternative to litigation, including mediation. These methods are confidential; they can also reduce conflict and prove to be less dramatic.

Commit to confidentiality

Parties can also agree to keep details of their split private by signing confidentiality agreements. These could be part of a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, or they could be something the parties decide to do on their own.

You may want to focus on keeping financial information, asset ownership, lifestyle habits, and marital relations or misconduct private.

Keep the details to yourselves

Perhaps the most common way people get access to private information is when the parties involved in a divorce share them themselves. Often, they do this online, thinking they can do or say things anonymously or behind the security of private accounts.

However, do not assume anything you share online is truly private. It is surprisingly easy for others to see, share or access the information you put out there. Thus, you may want to steer clear of social media, reporters and online groups until your divorce is final.

Privacy during a Las Vegas divorce can be a top priority. These measures can help you protect yours throughout this process.


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