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When your estranged spouse is a narcissist

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2022 | Divorce |

Las Vegas couples get divorced for a variety of reasons, but it can be extremely hard to make a marriage work if one of the people involved is a narcissist. It can be difficult to keep a relationship going with someone who’s displayed narcissistic tendencies, and it can be even harder to leave the relationship.

What are the signs that my spouse is a narcissist?

Diagnosing narcissism in your spouse is not advised; your spouse should seek an official diagnosis from their therapist or a doctor. However, even without an official diagnosis, your spouse can display harmful narcissistic tendencies.

These tendencies can range from mild, such as refusing to admit wrongdoing, to more severe, like intentionally lying about events or spreading harmful rumors. Other narcissistic tendencies include refusing to compromise and dragging out the divorce proceedings for as long as they possibly can.

What should you do if you believe your spouse is a narcissist?

Avoid using the term in court or falling into arguments. Ultimately, a narcissistic spouse will want you to argue with them rather than stay focused on the matters at hand. Your lawyer can help you negotiate with your soon-to-be ex-spouse and navigate the conversation. Above everything else, you’ll want to stick to the matters at hand and avoid getting stuck in long arguments or loops.

You should also make sure you let your lawyer know of any receipts or evidence you have as to their behavior during the marriage. Anything you can think to bring up that will help your case is great to have on hand.

How long will the divorce process take?

Divorcing a narcissistic spouse might take longer because of their unwillingness to compromise. However, you shouldn’t get discouraged by the process; instead, stay focused on the end result. With time and patience, you’ll reach the end of the divorce process.


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