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Tips for social media use during divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2021 | Divorce |

People in the Las Vegas area who are going through a divorce should be careful about how they use social media. Poor judgment when it comes to this issue can jeopardize how the divorce progresses and even child custody.

Avoiding social media

The best solution in most cases may be to disable all social media accounts while the divorce is going on. The second best solution is to refrain from posting. However, this may be difficult or impractical for many people, so caution in using social media is the way forward. People should avoid saying anything negative about their estranged spouse and should not talk about the divorce at all online. This includes avoiding the temptation to make cryptic references to an ongoing situation, which may not be as cryptic as you hope.

Controlling your image

Unfortunately, you can’t control what your friends and family post, but you can make an effort to distance yourself from it as much as possible. For example, you can change your settings so that you must approve any tags, and you can turn off people’s ability to post to your wall. It is important that you do not allow photos of yourself to be posted that could cause problems for you later. Even a photo that may seem relatively harmless, such as a snapshot of you enjoying a glass of wine at a party, could be used against you if you are in a child custody dispute.


It is also important to secure your accounts. Many couples share passwords or even accounts. You might also have had the browser on your home computer remember your passwords. The best solution is to change all of your passwords.

It is important to keep in mind that a divorce does not have to be contentious even if starts out that way. There are situations in which going to court will be necessary, but you may also be able to reach a divorce agreement through mediation. This can be less costly in terms of money and time and may also be less stressful.


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