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Parenting plans during mediation

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2019 | Mediation |

Division of assets can create a lot of tension in divorce proceedings, but nothing is quite as heated as disagreements over parenting. Up until now, you and your spouse have raised your kids as a team. Now that the separation is underway, you will have to divide.

If you decide to use a mediator, one crucial task you will likely need to complete is a parenting plan. It is an important step to ensure your children have a positive future.

Why parenting plans exist

A parenting plan seeks to lay out all the issues on the table in advance. Between yourself, your ex and your mediator, you can discuss the decisions that impact your children the most. It is not uncommon to have strong disagreements with the other parent during this stage; the key is to come to a collaborative solution on these issues in advance.

The state of Nevada has made a recent push toward shared custody arrangements, where both partners retain legal and physical custody of their children. A parenting plan can help this type of agreement succeed.

What details you should include

Being a mother or father is complex. The number of issues you need to address can be extensive:

  •       Living arrangements
  •       Parenting schedule
  •       Child care
  •       Medical care
  •       Education options
  •       Division of holiday time

Every parent has his or her own way of raising a child, and you can see this in the day-to-day decisions moms and dads make. Things like discipline, time with friends, cell phone use or leisure activities can have a range of opinions. To provide your children with the smoothest transition possible, it helps when separated parents have a unified front when it comes to these issues.

You have a lot going on during your divorce, but be sure to make your parenting plan a high priority. This process is tough on your children. You can help make it easier by being proactive about their future.


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